About Us

When Ansley was diagnosed with chronic, complex migraines at age 12, our family pulled out all the stops to help find some method of relief. The obvious part of having a pharmacist for a father is trying every form of standard medicine, but we were always in search of a more natural method. So, we tried everything from acupuncture to meditation. When all treatments felt hopeless, we tried the simplest thing: we started using essential oils and aromatherapy...and we reached a breakthrough!

We've always been crafters and makers, so naturally, we decided to create our very own line of fragrant, natural, affordable, and high-quality products that people could be proud of. Thus, 'The Pharmacist's Daughter' was created. 
5 years since first launching our small business, we still hold to our core values. We continue to pour love and care into each and every detail in hopes that upon reaching you, you may take as much joy in owning our products as we take in crafting them.
xo- Kim & Ansley Holcombe