Restocks & Updates

Next Pre-order: April 6 at 12pm EST- April 9 at 11:59pm EST

Hey friends! We will be offering a RTS this Thursday, May 25 at 12pm EST. As usual, we will offer a variety of shapes and something for everyone!
Here's the list....
1. Stuffy Nose- Eucalyptus, Thyme, Spearmint
2. Sucker for You- Lollipop, Blue Cotton Candy, Pink Sugar, Salt Water Taffy
3. Sullivan’s Island- Sun and Sand, Vanilla Bean Noel, Pink Chiffon
4. Miss Margie- Orange Sherbet, Lemon Pound Cake, Cotton Candy, Waffle Cone
5. Not Just a Headache- Lavender, Peppermint
6. Pastries So Tasty- Summer Scoop, Satsuma, Cotton Candy, Jelly Donut
7. Woodworking- Perfect Man, 2x4
8. Paris Bakery- Sweet on Paris, Sweet Berrylicious, Blue Cotton Candy
9. Brandy Cream Cake- Brandied Custard, Pecan Pie, Buttercream Crunch Cake
10. Creamy Rootbeer- Rootbeer, French Custard, Marshmallow Fluff
11. Sweet Slumber- Lavender, Marshmallow Fluff, Pink Sugar, Sugar Cookies
12. Sweet Lady- Cupcakes at Tiffany’s, Vanilla Bean Noel, Raspberries, Cotton Candy
13. Mermaid Water- Peach Nectar, Tea & Cakes, Blonde Moment, 7up Pound Cake
14. Stella- Buttermints, Marshmallow Fluff, Pink Sugar
15. Amelia Island- Ocean Shore, Linen, Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds, Twisted Peppermint
16. Freshly Squeezed- Lemonade, Be Delicious, Fresh Linen
17. Blonde Ginger- Ginger, Lime, Blonde Moment
18. Confectionery Twist- Coconut Lime Breeze, Fruit Loops, Pink Sugar, Cotton Candy
19. Tybee Island- Eucalyptus, Masculine Blend, Ocean Air
20. Chauga River- Ancient Waters, Driftwood, Beachwood Vetiver
21. Blueberry Lemon Cake- Blueberry Muffin, 7up Pound Cake, Lemon Cake
22. Berry Farms- Blueberry Pecan Waffles, Jelly Donut, Birthday Cake
23. Orange Dreamsicle- Orange Sherbet, Vanilla Ice Cream
24. One Hip Man- Hipster, Icy Peppermint
25. Fresh Wild Honey- Fresh Cut Grass, Wild Honey
26. Men's Shop- Steel Sugar, Fresh Cut Wood, Fir Trees, hint of Leather
27. 5 Flavor Pound Cake- White Cake, Lemon, French Vanilla, Coconut, Almond, Sugar Cookie
28. Tea Party- Jelly Beans, Birthday Cake, Blue Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy Frosting, Citrus
29. Tropical Twister- Baja Cactus Blossom, Sea Island Cotton
30. Bleu- Channel "Bleu", Flannel Sheets
31. Blue Ribbon Cake- Lemon Chiffon Cake, Cotton Candy Frosting, Summer Scoop
32. Blueberry Cheesecake- Blueberry Cobbler, Vanilla Butter Fudge, Pie Crust, Cream Cheese Frosting
33. Camping Trip- Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Vetiver
34. Cereal & Waffles- Blueberry Pecan Waffles, Fruit Loops
35. Chocolate Chip Frappe- Coffee House, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sweet n' Creamy
36. Dance Fever- Cinnamon Roll with Icing, White Cake, Vanilla Buttercream
37. Muffin Top- Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Blueberry Muffin
38. Break the Ice- Icy Peppermint, Butter Mints, Spearmint, Pink Sugar, Toasted Marshmallow
39. Calmness- Salty Sea Air, Lavender, Peppermint
40. Cold Brew- Espresso, Caramel, Maple, French Toast, Sweet Cream